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Arkansas Could Lead Way to Recovery

November 12th, 2022

Economists are positive that Arkansas is showing signs that its economy remains strong and could actually recover from the recession more swiftly than the other states,Guest Posting despite still having a substantial unemployment rate.

Sales tax collections in Arkansas grew by 7.2 percent compared to the nationwide growth in the country’s retail trade this year. This shows that although the state could not possibly escape the effects of the financial and economic downturn, its economy is relatively stronger to sustain the brunt of the recession.

In fact, Arkansas had posted a consistent increase in its sales tax collections for straight quarters, the recent being 0.9 percent for the third quarter. This could be a sign that Arkansas is recovering much faster than any other state in the country.

Sales activity is an important indicator of a market economy.
Homeowners in Arkansas are also relatively safer from foreclosures since property prices have remained stable. The state also ranks third in the nation for having the lowest number of foreclosures in subprime lending and has lower foreclosure incidents in other loan categories as well.